Dr. Robert Gilmour 

Dr Gilmour has over 30 years’ experience in clinical medicine. His background includes teaching at both Monash University (Melbourne) and as an Associate Professor at Stanford University (Palo Alto). He has had the benefit of working with some of Australia’s leading Cosmetic Plastic Surgeons as well as leading Cosmetic Physicians both in Australia and California. Dr Gilmour is an habitual innovator with a proven track record in international markets with respect to both medical technology and clinical practice protocols. He has a deep understanding of the ageing process both physiologically and anatomically, and of all the available treatment options. He also has considerable experience in materials science therefore understanding the benefits of the evolving technology toolbox available to clinicians in restorative Cosmetic medicine and Surgery.

Dr Gilmour has considerable experience in the development ofinnovative clinical procedures and the implementation of them in everyday clinical practice. He is currently applying that experience to the development of new minimally invasive procedures for restorative cosmetic medicine and is one of the founders of The Australian Society for Minimally invasive Cosmetic Surgery. Dr Gilmour is driven by the challenge of providing patient specific solutions based on considered analysis and proven science as well as the required visual perceptive ability.  A treatment plan will always include options and information required for you to make an informed decision, keeping in mind budgetary and downtime constraints.

His passion is in devising subtle "refreshment plans" for mature patients of both sexes utilizing all the best and latest technology for those who want to make their face match their attitude while keeping a natural and refreshed look. Dr Gilmour also loves to seamlessly disguise that inevitable transition from older younger women to younger middle aged women. 

Kirsten Twine 

Kirsten Twine is a registered nurse with over 10 years health care experience. After training at Sydney Adventist Hospital she worked in a number of health areas before specialising in cosmetic medicine under the guidance of a plastic surgeon. Over her years in the industry Kirsten has carved out an enviable reputation as a talented aesthetic practitioner with a flair for facial rejuvenation and aesthetic symmetry. Kirsten's passion lies with volume replenishment, feature enhancement, and liquid face lifts. Her comprehensive understanding of male and female facial anatomy allows her to “think outside the wrinkle” to treat the cause of aging concerns and prevent problems before they occur.

Kirsten believes combination treatments are vital to achieve a well rounded and natural result, thus her training in skin and injectable procedures is comprehensive including muscle relaxants, a vast array of temporary dermal fillers, semi permanent fillers and PRP rejuvenation. Kirsten also believes that injectable rejuvenation treatments should not be exclusively for the face. “The face, Neck and Décolletage are all part of the one picture and should be viewed together when considering treatment options.” Kirsten believes that every person she sees is unique and so there treatment plan should also be unique. If you are looking for a subtle enhancement, a stunning feature or a complete facial or body overhaul you will feel comfortable and extremely confident with Kirsten's design consult, plan and treatments.

Dr. Irene Kennedy

Dr. Irene Kennedy is a distinguished prosthetic dentist and the Director of Kennedy Dental Cosmetics..She has more than 30 years of experience in prosthetic dentistry in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and England. Her areas of expertise include cosmetic dentistry and restorative treatments for mild to severe dental cases. In addition to her outstanding clinical skills, Dr. Kennedy also possesses exceptional interpersonal and communication skills. She enjoys working one-on-one with patients, and she’s adept at explaining processes and procedures to them.

Inherent in Dr Kennedy’s expertise in restorative cosmetic dentistry is her understanding of the changes to the facial skeleton associated with loss of teeth, and dentures. These skeletal changes to the mandible and maxilla (jaw and cheekbones) and denture profiles have a critical impact on the shape of the middle and lower face and the effects of ageing on these critical facial structures. Her expertise in facial analysis and treatment planning provides us the opportunity to offer our patients, where applicable, a more complete plan which includes dental considerations which are often critical to outcome for these patients. Prior to opening Kennedy Dental Cosmetics, Dr. Kennedy worked as a maxillofacial prosthodontist for the three hospitals in Auckland, as well as in private practise for eight years. In addition, she has substantial experience in general dentistry. Dr. Kennedy worked at an Accident and Emergency practice in Auckland, and she ran her own private practice for more than 10 years in Dublin.

 Along with her work in dental practices, Dr. Kennedy has been a presenter for her peers at a number of meetings and conferences, and she also lectured regularly for Head and Neck Cancer support groups on the unique dental challenges faced by cancer patients. Dr. Kennedy earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Dentistry from Trinity College in Dublin and her Master of Science degree in Prosthetic Dentistry from the Eastman Dental Institute in London. She is currently a member of a number of prestigious dental organisations including:
• Fellow of the International College of Dentists
• The Australian Dental Association
• The Australian Prosthodontic Society
• The Australian Academy of Dento-Facial Aesthetics
• The International Society of Maxillofacial Rehabilitation

 In 2010, the International College of Dentists honoured Dr. Kennedy by naming her a fellow of the College, in recognition of her outstanding professional achievement, her meritorious service, and her dedication to the continued progress of dentistry for the benefit of all.

Linda Carnovale RN

Linda initially trained through the American Board of Aesthetic Medicine.  With over 5 years of experience working along side some of Sydney's most prominent cosmetic injectors she has gained valuable skills and knowledge in the field cosmetic medicine.

Through her many years of experience she has developed the art of facial analysis together with meticulous eye for detail. Linda is a highly skilled and dedicated injector who believes in  enhancing each individual's natural beauty. Linda has developed a large following of patients due to her honest, calm and caring manner.  After 25 years of Intensive Care Nursing safety is paramount.

Dr. Richard Bromilow

Dr. Bromilow is a well established Sydney based doctor who has a passion for aesthetics and innovation. With a creative flair, he originally graduated as an architect before studying medicine. 

Dr. Bromilow studied medicine in the UK and has conducted research into the treatment of rare forms of skin cancer. As a young doctor he taught anatomy at Bristol University and developed his passion for innovation in multiple research projects surrounding cutting edge technology in the hospital setting. He has an extensive background in surgery having practiced  at several major tertiary hospitals in Sydney. He has also worked in anaesthetics and emergency medicine. 

'During my time as an architect I was fascinated by 'the science of beauty' studying aesthetics and what it is that we find beautiful. I developed an acute sense of proportion and 3D perception. 

As a direct result of a year teaching anatomy to doctors in training I have enjoyed applying this sense of three-dimensional perception to a patients anatomy. My surgical expertise means I am confident in my technical ability whilst my experience in ED and anaesthetics means I am confident in ensuring my patients safety and wellbeing at all times.'

Dr. Bromilow believes that subtlety is key to beauty. He feels strongly about new pioneering techniques to rejuvenate complexion and replenish volume loss. His focus is on restoration, regeneration and rejuvenation; creating a unique and minimally invasive solution with a holistic approach for each individual patient.